mandag 3. februar 2014

Beginnings - How the idea of Culinary Conversion came about.

Whilst enjoying my fifth cup of tea for the day I finally sat down to construct a theme for my blog. As a student I repeatedly find myself seeking inspiration at the bottom of my teacup, and today was no different. Unfortunately though, quite often inspiration is nowhere to be found. It becomes almost like a ritual, a constant refilling of the mug with hope that a different sort of tea will bring me some form of clarity. Eventually, it was in the middle of my spicy Chai tea that the idea came to me; why not combine three of my favorite interests: food, travel and literature? The same way in which I turn to tea for a solid ponder-session I often turn to literature or travel if I need to unwind and momentarily escape.

Throughout my blog writing I hope to explore the way in which food presented in literature takes the reader through a journey that offers an understanding of culture via consumption. I wish to give examples of the various ways these three elements (food, literature and travel) call on your senses and can effect your understanding of culture. As well as looking at various texts, images and recipes I will revisit some of the culinary experiences I have had throughout my travels. 

                                       My three sources of inspiration:

Travel: Marrakech Market place - Morocco. 

Literature: The ever expanding book collection of a English literature student. 

Food: Chicken Cashew served on a bamboo leaf - Thailand. 

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  1. An interesting start Nina. You could possibly experiment with different font colours on the black, as the white is a bit tricky to read (for my old eyes, at least).

  2. Okay, no worries. Tried a different colour scheme that should be more readable.